Let us remind you of the 9 most chaotic Aussie kids’ game shows.

It’s no secret that millennials – myself included – love to reflect on their childhoods and nothing punctuated those fledgling days quite like the TV shows we used to watch before and after school. 

Yep, to any Gen Z’s who have somehow stumbled upon this article, this was before broadband internet and streaming services, so we had to just…watch whatever was on. 

And throughout the ’80s and ’90s, the shows were particularly chaotic, bats**t crazy and most likely the source of some of our body dysmorphia. But alas it was the golden age of Aussie kids’ game shows. 

Recently, a TikToker sparked a collective core memory when they posted about the game show Pick Your Face which aired on Channel Nine from 1999 until 2003 and can only be described as an absolutely dizzying assault on the senses. 

In the spirit of reflection and nostalgia, we’ve pulled together a list of the nine most chaotic kids’ game shows from the time. 

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Pick Your Face

The show where you had to pull clues from a giant nose – while being covered in snot – while competing against two other students.