Lash serums and 5 other beauty products a cosmetic scientist would never use.

In fact, it’s one of the first things Dr Wong mentioned. She said she’d never use hair products without checking they’re on the ingredients list.

“Before I bleached my hair, it was super smooth and straight Asian hair, and [using] any conditioner would be fine. It was actually kind of annoying because I couldn’t review hair products well,” she shared. 

“But now that I’ve bleached it all the way to white before putting purple in it — it’s a very different story. It needs silicones. Silicones are amazing.”

Silicones basically coat your hair (and skin!), blocking out humidity and leaving it feeling smooth, soft and soft and sleek. So, it’s a great ingredient for people with dry or frizzy hair!

2. Lash serums.

Specifically, lash serums with an ingredient called ‘prostaglandin analogues’, which is mainly used to treat glaucoma. As Dr Wong explained, there are many people who regularly use eyelash growth serums without realising the potential dangers.

“This is stuff that works like Latisse,” she shared. “There are side effects — for example, they can change your eye colour and reduce the fat around your eyes and make them look sunken. It’s pretty crappy of brands to put them in there because they should really be drugs.”

There are so many formulas out there, ranging from prescription serums to boost your lash growth cycle to over-the-counter lash ‘enhancing’ formulas that work to strengthen and condition lashes. So, before buying into the hype, always check the ingredients list and know the safety of every product isn’t guaranteed and they could pose risks.