King Charles wanted Harry at Christmas. Wills had one thing to say about it.

And while that might’ve happened almost a year ago, it seems like the opinion hasn’t changed, as it was reported in November that there was “no way back” for the brothers’ relationship.

Journalist and royal author Omid Scobie’s new book Endgame gave insight into the fraught relationship, saying it is “beyond repair” on both sides and that Wills “doesn’t want to know” his “defector” brother, who he believes has been “brainwashed by an army of therapists”, according to The Daily Beast.

“[William] absolutely f**king hates him,” an old friend allegedly told the publication, speaking about the heir and his brother.

“Harry sold his family out to the media for millions of dollars, and William can’t forgive that breach of trust.”

Feuding siblings aren’t only on the royal side either. 

In 2022, Meghan’s sister Samantha Markle sued the Duchess for making false and reckless statements in her Netflix doco and interview with Oprah Winfrey that allegedly “destroyed” her life and resulted in her receiving death threats and scrutiny from her community. 

While Meghan’s attorneys have claimed the lawsuit is baseless, Samantha’s lawyer, Peter Ticktin, claims that as part of the libel action, he will demand both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex submit to a deposition. According to The Sun, this could mean being asked about the identity of the royal members who questioned the colour of the pair’s son Archie’s skin – under oath. 

“The royal racists issue needs to be explored,” Ticktin told The Sun. “There’s reasons why she abandoned her family and turned on her family. This is a person who wants to be able to say horrible things and not really care if she destroyed the lives of people in her family.