Kim Kardashian shared what her office looks like and Mum come pick me up, I’m scared.

 “I’m Kim Kardashian, of course I have my mannequin with my custom measurements in my glam room.”

Okay, this is a low-key slay. I would love a mannequin with my own measurements so I could: 1. practise fake arguments and 2. Say my daily affirmations to it. I would say things like “I know you don’t have a head, hands or feet, but you look beautiful today.” 

However, I draw the line at keeping it in my glam room (and yes in this fake scenario I have a glam room as well- it’s part of my manifestation journey). 

Keeping a headless object in any room with a mirror is a bad idea. Kim Kardashian hasn’t been traumatised by Bloody Mary stories from when she was 9 years old and it shows. Headless mannequins should strictly be kept in mirror-less rooms only. 

May I suggest North’s bedroom? 

2. The “Dad-study”

Kim Kardashian’s plane and brain replicas. Source: @kimkardashian/TikTok