Kim Kardashian says a solarium helps her skin condition. An expert told us otherwise.

Oh, Kim. Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy. You’re giving us some massive Gwyneth Paltrow vibes right now, sweetie. 

In case you’ve managed to swerve the latest toxic messaging from Kim Kardashian (go you!), let us give you a quick rundown (sorry). So, please take a seat and prepare to be amazed at the unhinged and 100 per cent dangerous ridiculousness that is Kim Kardashian’s office tour.

In an attempt to jump on a recent TikTok trend, where people poke fun at their own stereotypical personality traits (this kind of thing), Kim single-handedly sparked some pretty serious backlash. Like, HEAPS. 

Have you watched it? No? Allow us to share.

In the clip, the celebrity billionaire is shown hopping out of a tanning bed, saying “I’m Kim Kardashian, of course I have a tanning bed.”

And pretty much everyone is not happy with Kim right now. Especially Australians. And especially dermatologists.

Tanning beds are obviously illegal in Australia and with good reason – to put it simply, the high risk of skin cancer associated with indoor tanning. As our writer Emily Vernem so perfectly articulated in her article, “Seeing someone have one in their office? I feel like I’m on another planet.”

In the clip, Kim said, “You have a Zoom call with investors at 3pm so make sure you’re in the tanning bed by 1pm.”

And, pls. What… what is happening?

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In response to the insane backlash, Kim took to X (formerly Twitter) to explain, “I have psoriasis and it really helps when it’s bad. But I don’t use it too often.”