Kate Ritchie’s stalker bombarded her for months before attempting to meet her.

However the situation escalated even further after Ritchie refused to answer Ryan’s messages, and he began sending her private sexual messages and videos on Facebook and Instagram. 

“Between 6 February 2022 and 25 April 2023, the accused has sent hundreds of messages to the complainant (Ritchie). In these messages, the accused has sent several sexually explicit messages… included in the messages are numerous naked photographs of the accused and numerous videos of the accused masturbating,” the police facts stated.

“Furthermore, messages sent by the accused reference the complainant’s daughter stating that he would be a good stepfather while referencing wanting to marry the complainant.”

According to the police, the radio presenter blocked Ryan in April 2023.

“In February 2024, the accused sent a letter addressed to the complainant to her work address, the letter included a Valentines Day card. The back of the envelope contained the accused’s name and residential address,” police facts stated.

Just last month, Ritchie told her NOVA radio show listeners the story about how her lawnmower blew up.

Police stated that a few weeks later, Ryan sent a letter to Ritchie’s workplace with gift cards amounting to $200 with a note saying it was to replace her lawnmower.

“Included in the letter was four photographs, one being a photograph of the accused, another was a photograph of a church with the following inscribed on the back: ‘The church we could get married one day. It’s on Rottnest Island’,” police facts stated.