Just 9 of the most ridiculous storylines that happened on One Tree Hill.

WARNING: This post contains several spoilers from the noughties TV series One Tree Hill that you will not be able to recover from.

That said, One Tree Hill came out in 2003, so we really can’t be held responsible for spoiling a show that’s been out for 20 years.

Moving on.

As mentioned, it’s been 20 years since One Tree Hill first graced our TV screens.

The series about feuding half-brothers from opposite sides of the tracks and their high school lives in the small but unrealistically dramatic town of Tree Hill, North Carolina, will go down as one of the best teen dramas in history.

Sorry, but if you didn’t have the One Tree Hill opening credits song stuck in your head for your adolescent years, were you even a OTH fan?! Post continues after video.

One Tree Hill and all its NINE SEASONS gave us so much. Okay, the show should’ve ended after season six, but nevertheless, our own teenage existences would’ve been bland and loveless without the likes of Lucas and Nathan Scott, Peyton Sawyer, Haley James Scott, Brooke Davis, Mouth and Skillz, just to name a few.