Just 4 of the worst Architectural Digest Celebrity House Tours of all time.

Then I decide whether I like the art, if the shower looks like it could actually give some good water pressure, and if I could see myself taking a long, half-naked nap on the couch.

Simple, really. 

As such, I’ve rounded up some of the worst celebrity home tours I’ve seen in my time. Not all of these houses are bad per se, it’s more so they just don’t resonate with me personally. Probably because they are ugly.

But in all seriousness, I’m not a bad person. 

I appreciate that these homes took a lot of effort to build, design and furnish and that these celebrities have feelings. That’s why I’m not coming for them personally or attacking them as people – just their houses. 

Here are four of the worst Architectural Digest Celebrity House Tours of all time, based on several factors (mostly my opinion).


The DJ’s house tour is probably the first celebrity house tour from Architectural Digest I ever watched. And it’s safe to say the 9,400 square feet ultra-modern mansion in Beverly Hills was a home I actually would have been better off not seeing.

It is, without a doubt, the type of home that has ruined architecture. 

Do I know anything about architecture? No. 

Do I have any experience in renovating, designing or, dare I say it, buying a home? Also no. 

Which is why I am such an expert today! It might be worth US$21 million with its olive tree, infinity pool and wall made of Lego, but that doesn’t mean I have to appreciate it.