Jodie Foster has outlined exactly why Gen Z are hard to work with. Is she right?

But that doesn’t mean they’re happy to take the criticism. 

In response to a Pop Crave post on X about her comments, one user wrote, “Isn’t it possible that Jodie Foster’s frustration with Gen Z’s work style is a result of a generation gap, and perhaps there’s value in their unconventional approach to work??”

Another wrote on X that “Jodie Foster correcting peoples [sic] grammar in emails is literally all I need to know about her.”

Yes, the post was grammatically incorrect. Yes, this does annoy me. But either way, it’s not exactly fair to paint an entire generation of people as having a non-existent work ethic. 

Whether Foster’s words have credence or not, it’s worth noting what the actor said in the rest of her wide-ranging interview, especially about mentoring the younger generation of women in Hollywood. 

“I do a lot of reaching out to young actresses. I’m compelled. Because it was hard growing up,” she said.

Foster has taken a special interest in young British actor, Bella Ramsey, who burst into stardom as the 20-year-old non-binary star of The Last of Us. Jodie asked Bella to introduce her at the ELLE’s Women in Hollywood Celebration.

“I reached out to Bella, because we’d never met, and said, ‘I want you to introduce me at this thing’, which is a wonderful event about actors and people in the movies, but is also very much a fashion thing,” Foster said. 

Bella Ramsey and Jodie Foster at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood Celebration. Image: Getty.