Jean Huang died following a botched breast augmentation procedure. Now the ‘doctor’ has been jailed.

Jean Huang was 35 years old when she underwent a banned breast augmentation procedure at a Sydney beauty clinic. Two days later, she died in hospital, having been declared brain-dead from an overdose of local anaesthetic lidocaine administered during the procedure.

For over six years, Huang’s family have been left devastated, waiting for justice. This week the ‘doctor’ who performed the procedure was finally jailed. 


It was August 30, 2017, when Huang underwent the procedure at the Medi Beauty Clinic in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Chippendale, which she operated and part-owned. 

She opted for an augmentation that involved injecting hyaluronic acid filler into her breasts, which was not approved in Australia at the time. 

Jie Shao, a 40-year-old Chinese national, had flown into Sydney from Melbourne days earlier to perform the procedure. 

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Despite holding a bachelor’s degree in medicine, Shao was not a registered medical practitioner in Australia.

After Huang died, Shao was charged with manslaughter, which Shao denied. She pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of recklessly administering poison endangering life.