‘I’ve been testing colour correctors for years. These are the ones I swear by for brown skin.’

Ask anyone with deeper skin, and they’ll have a story to tell you about all the times they’ve tried to even out their skin tone. 

I am one of them. 

As a Pakistani, I’ve been blessed with a lot of things — thick hair, full eyebrows and beautiful bronze skin. However, I’ve also had to learn to live with hyperpigmentation, darkness around the perimeters of my face, and don’t even get me started on the dreaded under eye circles.

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Over the years I’ve used expensive vitamin C serums, eye creams, retinols and even turmeric masks, and while they definitely made a difference, the discolouration always remained.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to accept that my face will most likely never be one single shade, and instead of splurging on fancy skincare and treatments, I decided to invest in a really freaking good colour corrector.

Colour correctors come in a lot of different shades, but brown skin has demands that differ from fairer skin, which is why, you need to look for ones specifically made for you.

I’ve tried a lot — partly because it’s a necessary step in my routine and partly because of my job — and here’s what you need to know.