It’s time to revisit the uncomfortable conversation around Kanye West.

Right now, we are ultimately making light of pain: the pain of Kanye, but also the pain of Kim, their children, Pete and everyone else in their orbit. 

The consequences of this are yet to be seen, but the stakes are high. 

In the first episode of the Netflix documentary jeen yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy, which began streaming February 16, Kanye spoke about previously having suicidal thoughts and substance abuse issues.

He and Kim are still in the process of divorce. If it goes to court, this could definitely hurt his case. They share four children, who will one day find headlines about their parents unavoidable – if they don’t already. 

And multiple reports have stated that Pete has hired extra security in recent weeks.

This is no doubt a really, really hard time for everyone involved.

It isn’t just a compelling headline. This is real life, and we need to change the way we talk about it before we contribute to any further harm.

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