‘It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done.’ 19 celebrities on the one red carpet look they regret.

If I were to look back on every outfit I’ve ever worn, I might recoil into a cringe spiral and never to recover.

However, one thing that keeps the brain worms away is knowing that most of these fashion abominations are tightly bound in my memories only. But for celebrities, one misstep on the red carpet lasts forever… or at the very least immortalised on the pages of Getty for all to see.

While I think of every bad sartorial choice as an opportunity to stop, listen, learn and put down the pedal pushers, there are certain celebrities who look back on some red carpet moments and hang their heads in shame.

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Take a look at 19 celebs who have spoken out about red carpet regrets they have:

Kaley Cuoco.

Kaley Cuoco at the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards. Image: Getty.