“It was worth the trouble to get this designer dupe.” 11 things the Mamamia team bought this month.

November is a big month for those that love to shop. For one, Christmas is right around the corner so practically everyone is shopping up a storm for the people in their life. And two, it’s the month where nearly every retailer in the country takes part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, arguably the two biggest sales of the year.

It’s huge, and frankly, my poor phone is tired of the 500+ messages I’ve received in the last week from stores telling me about their sales IN BIG CAPITAL LETTERS. (My credit card is also crying out for help, pleading for me to stop buying things just because it’s 50 per cent off, but moving on.)

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Here at Mamamia, we enjoy a good sale, especially when the thing we’ve been eyeing for months is suddenly discounted. So, as I do every month, I asked the team to share with me what they bought in November, and here’s what they had to say.

Image: Supplied.