It took Trinny Woodall 9 years to finally grieve her first husband.

She decided pretty quickly that she didn’t want to live alone. And she didn’t have to for very long. After returning from Spain, Trinny’s stepson, Zak, told her he was going to stay for a few days. 

“And my nephew a month before had said, ‘I’m going to be chucked out of where I’m staying, is there any way I could stay with you for a month in September?’.

“And I said, ‘yes, please!’. So, now I have my nephew in one room and I have Zak in another room.”

That was seven weeks ago. 

Despite being successful and single, Trinny says she loves the buzz of life with young adults living in the house. 

“(My nephew), Richie is like, 33 and Zach is 30 and it’s like a frat house. It is,” she told No Filter. 

“I have a slightly new dog, so it’s like you’ve got a puppy who’s insane.

“And so I have this frat house and on some levels, it’s funny because I never experienced irrational children. So it’s like I’m experiencing unruly boys, which I know you deal with every day. Wow.”

Feature image: Getty.

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