‘It makes me want to cry.’ Why influencers are going back to their 9-5s.

The app is now favouring high-quality, long-form content that doesn’t necessarily suit the influencers of old. 

It now means influencers either have to upskill to stay relevant or return to traditional work. 

Despite the upsurge in skills required from influencers, some claim they are leaving the industry because the job is unfulfilling and boring.

US TikToker Maddison Lynn is one of those people. The LA-based influencer, who boasts over 500k followers on the platform, recently quit her full-time influencing job after two years in the industry. 

“I just got bored. Every single day I would do the same thing,” she said. “Of course, you’re working on different projects. Some days a video concept, a video idea, filming a video, editing a video but it does not take me that long. It does not take me all day.”

Lynn said she felt unfulfilled, purposeless, and that the work was meaningless.

“I heard another creator saying this, like I feel like I’m losing brain cells. I feel like I’m not smart anymore. I feel like I haven’t taught myself anything,” she said.