‘It gives me bouncy rich-girl hair.’ 6 of the best blow-dry brushes you can grab on sale now.

Is it just us? Or are blow-dry brushes everywhere right now? Like, they’re seriously having a ✨moment✨. 

And it’s probably because blow-drying your hair is an absolute slog of a task – and anything that makes it easier (and your hair look… better) is a serious win.

If you’re like us, it’s almost impossible to make your hair look how it does when a hairstylist blow-dries it.

Voluminous. Bouncy. Shiny. 

Enter: Blow-dry brushes. Or hot-air brushes. Whatever you wanna call ’em.

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If you’ve never heard of them, blow-dry brushes are part hairdryer, part curler and part straightener in one. 

They’re quick, easy-to-use and promise bouncy, salon-worthy hair that you can *actually* achieve yourself.

The only problem is that there are so many different ones out there. And they can be pretty pricey.

That’s why we asked Mamamia and members of the You Beauty Facebook group to tell us the best blow-dry brushes in Australia — and why they like them so much.