Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen’s 20-year relationship.

“I miss it so much when I’m away and I have a very Australian sensibility. Whenever I meet another Aussie, I always think, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re twins!'”

Before moving to Sydney, the family split their time between Los Angeles and London.

“Juggling a family in LA isn’t easy,” Fisher told Marie Claire

“There’s not really a culture of bringing your kids to dinner parties or to restaurants past 6pm. I tend to entertain at home because I want to be with my family —it’s easier to put your kids to bed and have a wine with friends.”

“I have this secret fantasy of slowing down, moving to Byron Bay, getting off the grid and sitting on the sand with a Vegemite sandwich,” she added.

When it comes to the details of their children’s lives, that’s something the couple made a conscious decision to conceal. They have never shared photos of their kids nor spoken about them in interviews.

“If you speak about your children or if you take them to a red carpet event, you can’t be litigious later on when there is a picture of them in something and say, ‘hey, they deserve anonymity,’ but they do,” Fisher told Today

“They have rights, too. It’s a very conscious decision and truly I would feel really disgusting about myself if I used my family to sell something. It wouldn’t sit right with me. It doesn’t line up with my values.”