Is it okay to ask bridesmaids to pay for themselves? According to them, no.

“My Indian family would disown me if I ever suggested my friends pay for their bridesmaid dress.”

“Is this an Aussie thing? No one in the UK would ever dream of asking their friends to pay for their dress.”

Like a bendable reed, my impressionable mind flip-flopped with each opposing comment. Yes, I’ll gladly pay to be your bridesmaid!! Wait a sec, your treat, right?

So, what’s the solution? Should bridesmaids start saving as soon as they get the call-up? Or do the bride and groom need to factor in a few extra dresses to their budget?

One thing everyone seemed to agree on, though, is to be upfront. Let your bridesmaids know what you will be paying for and what you expect them to cover, even if it’s just getting themself to the venue.

And be prepared that often friendship and finance don’t mix.

“I still feel so bitter towards a friend who asked me to transfer $550 to her just weeks before her wedding to pay for my dress. I’ve since paid for baby showers and birthday gifts for each of her children. I’m not married and have no plans to, so feel these favours will never be returned.”

Now we’ve got that sorted, who pays for the hen’s parties these days?

Feature Image: Getty.

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