Inside former AFL star Warwick Capper’s new brothel.

Capper says the venue has serious guidelines and a strong culture which values safety, cleanliness, discretion and respect.  

Westminster Secrets attracts a range of clients, made up of mostly “blokes and a few couples”, who are mostly repeat customers, he says. 

“It really has a welcoming ‘home away from home’ feel which keeps the regulars happy. A lot of tradies on their lunch breaks during the day, and a vast array of locals and passersby at night. With the occasional party boy on the way home on a Friday and Saturday night.”

While there are a few out-of-the-box requests, Capper says most clients are “fairly mainstream”. Either way, he says, service providers have complete control and autonomy over the clients they see, and what they do in a booking. 

“We provide reassurance and protection. All rooms have hygiene products and condoms.”

The final parts of the Sex Work Decriminalisation Bill 2022 – that will repeal offences for consensual sex work between adults, abolish the licensing system and legalise street-based sex work in some areas – came into effect in December this year, with the repeal of the sex work licensing and registration framework. 

Parts of the new laws came into effect back in March 2023, with consensual sex work offences removed; a new protected attribute of “profession, trade or occupation” added to the Equal Opportunity Act; and a new offence created to prevent street-based sex work near schools, childcare services, and places of worship between 6am and 7pm and on holy days.