‘I’m on a 9-month world cruise. Yep, 9 months. Here’s exactly what I’ve brought with me.’

If you’re not obsessing over the nine-month cruise that’s happening right now, you’re missing out.

Sure, I only discovered it a few hours ago, but it’s now the only thing I’m thinking about. 

You may be wondering: what on earth am I on about? Fair question. 

This month, Royal Caribbean Cruises has begun its nine-month voyage around the world.

Passengers will stop at 65 countries across seven continents in 274 days, beginning in Florida before cruising down to Barbados, Hawaii, Sydney, up to China, India, Egypt, throughout Europe, on to New York, before ending back in Florida, and obviously stopping at all the major cities along the way.  

I’m tired just typing that.

Passengers have started sharing their experiences, which has birthed a whole new genre of TikTok: #worldcruisetok.

Users have become fascinated with everything that goes into joining a cruise that will last for almost an entire year – or an entire pregnancy – living in close quarters on a big boat. Hard pass, but you do you! 

Several passengers have become TikTok celebrities already for sharing their cruise vlogs. For instance, one cruiser Angie Linderman has shared what she packed and her room setup, racking up over four million views. 

@angielinderman Take a more in-depth look at my cabin and what I have done to make it feel like home for the next 9 months on @Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas. #RoyalCaribbean #crusing #explore #solotravler #worldCruise #UltimateWorldCruise #UWC #SerenadeOfTheSeas #cruise #travel ♬ original sound – Angie

The video is a perfect example of when a type A person has the chance to flaunt their obsessive tendencies.And I’m here for it.  

Hanging on her door for easy access, Angie has sunglasses, a tote bag, water bottle, and games. Then on the bathroom door, she has ‘miscellaneous’ stuff like bug spray and sunscreen.