‘I’m not that person.’ Delta Goodrem made a decision about her personal life, then she met Matthew Copley.

For 20 years, she’s continued to be a main stayer on both our radios and our TVs through her stint as a coach on The Voice Australia, her albums and tours.

Most recently, she took on the lead role in Netflix rom-com Love Is in the Air, which will be released on September 28.

Delta Goodrem’s cancer diagnosis.

Just months after Innocent Eyes was released, Goodrem was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in July 2003 at the age of 18.

Speaking to The Australian Women’s Weekly, Goodrem shared that she had been experiencing symptoms including a head-to-toe rash, night sweats and fatigue since 2002.

“I was doing sit-ups when I felt something pop in my neck. I reached down and I felt a small lump at the base of my throat,” she said.

“It wasn’t sore, it wasn’t visible, but I could feel it.”

In 2020, Goodrem reflected on that time in her life in an interview with WHO Magazine, saying “it was like a bomb had gone off”.

“I remember that when I was first told I had cancer, my body went into shock and I shook uncontrollably for the next 24 hours.”

She said it was “so weird to see pictures of that time”.

“In some ways, the fact that I was so sick was so out there, and yet I kept it really private. No one saw me on the days I was really sick. I was 18 when I was diagnosed and I had a number one album and single in the country.”

Delta Goodrem’s public relationships.

Goodrem was linked to Blair McDonough back in 2003 following his appearance on Neighbours, but she said it ended after he left her a voicemail meant for someone else.

In 2004, Goodrem was in a nine-month relationship with Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis – and it quickly became the stuff of Australian tabloid dreams.