‘I’m not ready, I’m scared.’ Gogglebox’s Isabelle Silbery shares her emotional birth story.

In record time of an hour total, I helped pull her up and onto my tummy. That moment was simply unforgettable. The relief, the pure love.

There was something powerful about the collective feminine energy in the room. Combined with a strong protective energy from Alex, I felt completely held.

The room turned calm, lights were dimmed and I was left to savour the precious time. Alex hand fed me. It was heaven.


Since settling in at home, my anxiety has melted away and we’re well into the swing of feeding, changing, sleeping and loving… repeat.

I’m being kind to my body as I recover, and I understand now, no matter what age, women’s muscle memory does kick in.

What I first anticipated to be complicated, blending our family has fast become the most loving experience of all. It is a juggle, but it works. Most of the time.

Ruby Emily Richards; named after my beautiful Grandma Emmie. The fourth generation in the line of passionate women, and the second who loves the sounds of reality TV. May the world be a kind one for her.