‘I’m an exercise physiologist. If you’re sore all the time, these are 5 stretches you need to be doing.’

So, when do people get a moment for themselves, and not feel guilty about it?

“I will always say, stop and take a breath. If you can’t take a moment for you, then nobody gets the best of you. Take that moment, for self-care… stretch, move different and do what makes you feel good.”

What are the best stretches to do daily?

Don’t know where to start? Green has you covered with five stretches everyone should work into their daily routine.

“Each stretch should be held for at three breaths. At the end of each deep breath, try to push a little more length into that stretch. Stretch to discomfort but never pain.”

Green also said to remember it may take consistent stretching to improve your range of motion — so just keep this in mind.

Here are Green’s go-to favourite stretches:

1. Sacro-iliac joint (SIJ) rolls.

“Lying on your back, hugging your knees and rolling from side to side. Enjoy the stretch and massage on your lower back,” explained Green. Can you tell why SIJ is our personal favourite?!

2. Seated side reach.

“Sitting with your legs crossed, place one on the ground beside you and reach the other hand as far as possible over your head while keeping your chest open,” explained Green. “Take three big, slow breaths and then change sides.”

3. Hip flexor stretch.

For this one, Green recommends popping a towel under your knee. In a kneeling position, with one knee up and the other directly under the hips, she said to “push your body weight onto the front bent knee, stretching out the hip flexors on the knee on the ground and under your hip. Tuck your tail bone for a greater stretch.”