If One Day destroyed you (same), here’s 6 more ‘slow burn’ romances to watch next.

If you want a classic coming-of-age-slash-queer-rom-com, look no further. Heartstopper is based on the webcomic by Alice Oseman and follows teenage boys Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) as they navigate school, friendships and their own identities and sexuality. 

Charlie is a gay high school student who has a crush on rugby player Nick (who he assumes is straight), and the series has more than one queer love story, but they’re all interwoven, leaving us guessing at the end of every episode. It’s not exactly like One Day, but considering that wretched ending, we’d argue that’s a good thing. (Still too soon, I’m sorry.)

All two seasons of Heartstopper are streaming on Netflix.

Modern Love — Prime Video.

Anne Hathaway and Gary Carr in Modern Love. Image: Prime Video.