‘I will miss every single thing about John.’ Johnny Ruffo’s loved ones bid farewell.

In it, she made clear just how special Ruffo was, recalling how the actor had kept his sense of humour during his final days and his “big cheeky grin” that “had brightened even the darkest of days”. 

Sims also recalled the moment she found out about his cancer, four years into their romance. 

“[The cancer diagnosis] made it very clear why the universe had brought them together sooner,”  she said, as reported by The West Australian

“There wasn’t going to be a later.”

She continued, “I know that not everyone gets to experience that kind of love, which is why I will be forever grateful.

“John liked to say I was his guardian angel. But I think soulmate is more accurate. Everything I gave, he gave back tenfold. And more often than not he was my source of strength and courage.”

Sims remembered what it was like to watch Ruffo remain positive, even as he suffered from cancer.

“For six and a half years I watched him go through a hideous cancer diagnosis, dealing with setback after setback, and still act with courage and gratitude right to the very end,” she said to the teary crowd.

“I will miss every single thing about John. Mostly I will miss the way he always managed to make me laugh, no matter the occasion or how inappropriate the joke… until we meet again John, I love you.”