‘I went to Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant while they were filming Vanderpump Rules. Here’s what I saw.’

SUR was a given, but I’d heard good things about TomTom – that the cocktails were amazing and the food genuinely delicious. Also, it’s literally a stone’s throw from SUR, unlike Schwartz & Sandy’s, which is in a whole other neighbourhood.

In the end, only one person I knew could go – of all people, Angie Kent, Australian reality TV royalty and extremely passionate Vanderpump Rules fan. Bet you didn’t expect this crossover! 

When we walked in, we had this weird feeling like everyone was staring at us. They weren’t – we quickly realised it wasn’t us they were staring at.. it was TOM SCHWARTZ, like THE Tom of TomTom. Just walking behind us heading into filming for the show. Yes, somehow, I’d managed to book a visit to TomTom on the same night they began filming for season 11. CAN YOU EVEN DEAL.

Angie was beside herself. “I’ve watched this show since season one,” she told me before we dove into an analysis of whether it was morally okay to be excited to see Tom Schwartz. Before we could get anywhere with our theories, a server approached us – an absolute delight of a man called Chad, who guided us through the cocktail list. 

Angie went for Clockwork Pink, a spicy Mezcal thing, and I picked the Doc Holiday, which was basically a spicy marg. Red flags were raised when Chad told us we couldn’t get them “skinny” (what you say in America if you don’t want sugar syrup in your drink) because they were pre-mixed. But honestly, when they arrived, you could not tell. 

They were SO yum! Like peak cocktail deliciousness.