‘I went on a dopamine cleanse for a week. Here’s exactly what happened.’

I was amazed at how quickly I could detach from my phone. Humans are incredibly adaptable, and I was able to break free from a habit that had been deeply ingrained in my daily routine. Of course, I still thought about social media occasionally, and yes, I sometimes missed the mindless scrolling before bed. But when I was busy or connecting with others in person, I was fully present, and the cravings faded away as I replaced them with other enjoyable activities, like reading or going for a walk (I would even walk without my airpods – crazy, I know!).

After a week, void of all things dopamine boosting, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’m perfectly content to leave my phone behind when I’m out with friends. 

It’s refreshing to just sit and relax without having your phone near you. And, turns out, just sitting there isn’t awkward at all; it’s just something we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe.

The moments when I missed my phone were the idle between moments, like my lunch break, sitting on the train or waiting for a coffee. Instead of grabbing my phone for a meaningless scroll, sometimes, I’d find myself looking at old photos from my travels. So, maybe I have an addiction to looking at small square pictures? Who knows.

Without social media and podcasts, I realised I could actually watch a whole show without getting distracted (who knew). And, by day four, I felt like I never wanted it back. I was starting to enjoy life without sponsored ads, influencers and the overconsumption of celebrity goss and entrepreneurial education.