‘I went behind the scenes of the Stan Original Series Scrublands. It’s the crime drama of the year.’

But he soon finds himself in a life-and-death race to uncover the truth about what really happened that day. 

Simply put, the juicy twists and turns are plentiful.

While visiting the set of Scrublands, I was able to see a scene filmed between the show’s local bookstore owner, called Mandy Bond (played by Bella Heathcote), and an intrusive TV presenter who peppered her for details about the town’s murders. 

Heathcote’s character is then escorted into a police car, while the TV presenter is left holding his bloodied nose. 

The tension certainly felt real. 

As the scene ended with the police car driving away to the station, Martin Scarsden was brooding in the near distance, trying to piece together what to do next. And although not integral to the scene, there happened to be two very adorable kelpie dogs on the set as I watched the actors do their thing. Dogs are always a bonus. 

Bella Heathcote was riding the high of a scene performance when we spoke in a nearby RSL, where the crew had set up for the week.

Heathcote said she was immediately fascinated by her character when the script landed in her lap, given Mandy is such an integral part of the novel’s plot. Mandy is cool, tough, and incredibly resilient and it’s how she responds to situations that Heathcote admires most, saying she wishes she was more like her.

‘It’s super sassy, and it feels very Australian,” she said with a smile.