‘I went behind the scenes of Stan Original Series C*A*U*G*H*T. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen.’

C*A*U*G*H*T was created by Kick Gurry, who directs, produces, writes and stars in the series. And while visiting the set and seeing the cast in action, I met him. 

“It’s been unbelievable to film. I truly felt like I’ve sort of been walking lucidly through a magical childhood [dream of mine],” he told me. 

“It’s been really just a pretty joyous experience, also because most of the actors on this are used to shooting dramas not comedies, so we were all telling jokes and just having fun.”

Trawling through the jungle, there were well over three dozen people on set – producers to publicists, make-up artists to lighting and sound experts, actors and more. 

There was also a stuntman and armourer working with grenades and guns for a couple of fight scenes.

“There’s been four explosions just today!” one of the producers told me over lunch.

The craziness didn’t stop there. 

Perhaps the most iconic – yet completely bizarre – scene was one involving Travis Fimmel, who happened to be wearing what looked to be a makeshift dead dingo pelt on his head. While his character was locked in hand-on-hand combat, Fimmel made howling noises. 

Of course, for all the pros on set who knew the script back to front, this scene likely made complete sense to them. But for me it was a very new experience!

Australian actor Alexander England – best known for roles in Offspring and How to Please a Woman – said he “loved how bizarre it all was” while watching this scene with us. And as an outsider who was plunged into the jungle for a day only to come across a Hollywood actor pretending to be a wolf (???) it was a complete and utter fever dream.