‘I was ready to hate Timothy on MAFS, but he’s saved the season.’

It’s just so damn refreshing to see one man defend another from the sort of bullying that most men have been taught to laugh off. For generations of men, they’ve been bread in a culture of toxic masculinity where it’s normal for men to bully and belittle each other.

In any other season, the rest of the boys could have laughed off Jack’s disgusting comment as ‘banter’ or ‘locker room talk’, but thanks to Timothy, the remark was rightly called out for what it was: harmful body-shaming. 

Between holding problematic men accountable and stirring up constant drama, Timothy has become the GOAT of the season.

The outspoken groom capped off his incredible week with an emotional breakthrough with his wife, Lucinda.

The couple have been getting on famously lately. “There’s nothing not to like about Lucinda,” Timothy said at the most recent Commitment Ceremony. He’s not wrong!

Then on couples’ retreat, he opened up about the death of his mother, brother and father, telling Lucinda that “the biggest thing I lost was myself,” before breaking down in a flood of tears and fleeing the Byron cottage.

Upon returning, the couple had a lengthy hug that Lucinda regarded as one of the best hugs she’s ever had. 

It might be baby steps with these two, but we’re rooting for Lucinda and the unexpected saviour of the season, Timothy.

What do you think of Timothy? Tell us in the comments section below.

Feature image: Getty. 

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