‘I was in a reading slump. One author turned it all around.’

On an unrelated note, I need to email my boss that I won’t be in that day 🫠. 

Main character Bryce Quinlan is badass, sassy, funny (I’m seeing a pattern here with Maas’ MCs, but it’s one that *so works*); her sidekick (oh, he would hate to be called that) is Hunt Athalar, an unbearably sexy fallen angel-slash-assassin for the government. Essentially, they’re paired up begrudgingly to hunt down a murderer… And get caught in a web of political intrigue, dark secrets and ancient powers. 

Plus, there’s romance, s-t-a-c-k-s of sexual tension and spice, plus demons, sexy mer-people, otters that deliver the mail (yep), twists you 100 percent won’t see coming, and excuse me, I need to go and lie down.

Which order should I read Sarah J Maas books?

You can technically read the series in whichever order you like, but my personal rec? Start with ACOTAR. Whether you read ToG or CC next is up to you (knowing what I do now, I’d go Crescent City second, but it’s your call). But ACOTAR is my pick for your first foray.

Why? Maas’ first series, Throne of Glass, is brilliant, but it’s a long slog. A worthwhile one, for sure, but very involved. CC takes a while to get into, too, because the world building is so intricate. ACOTAR is the happy medium, bringing the fantasy, the adventure, the magic and (ofc) the spice in a way that feels totally achievable, and hooking you in so you just can’t get enough.

And just know that I’m jealous of you getting to experience this all for the first time.

Have you read Sarah J Maas’ books? What do you think?! Let me know in the comments below! 

Alix Nicholson is Mamamia’s Weekend Editor, and when she’s not reading romantasy novels, she’s probably sending fan art on TikTok to her equally obsessed cousin. Take a peek at her Instagram here (no fan art, promise).

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