‘I was going to take this to the grave…’ What the MAFS 2022 cast is doing now.

In March, the pair were photographed looking rather cozy in Sydney.

At the time, she denied anything happened between the pair (Duncan, FYI, was married to Alyssa Barmonde during the 2023 season, and is now dating their fellow contestant, Evelyn Ellis).

But in an interview with the Back to Reality podcast in August, she changed her story.

“I was literally going to take this to the grave but … oh f**k,” Santos said. “It was Duncan.

“He messaged me like ‘Where you at?’ and I’m like ‘Oh I’m at this gay club’ and then he was like ‘Okay I’m coming,'” she elaborated.

When the photos came out, Duncan denied they had hooked up, so Carolina said she “just went with it”.

“I was literally going to take it to the grave. It was nothing, we were both single and it wasn’t a big deal.”

In May, Carolina told Yahoo! Lifestyle that she would “one hundred per cent” go back on MAFS if given a second chance.

But… not for love.

“Knowing what I know now, I would probably pretend that I’m in love and head over heels for my match, no matter who the hell they give me… I would play the victim. I would literally play the victim.”

She then said the not-so-quiet part very much out loud.

“Why would you go there for love? I think everyone wants to find love and they’re like, ‘If I find it, how cute would it be to find love on TV?’ But if you don’t, that’s not the main reason people go on MAFS, no matter what they say.”