‘I tried Go-To’s new eye serum and it’s not what I expected.’

“To me, they are just tiny pots of very expensive moisturiser – (gently) taking your face cream up to the eye area will be just as beneficial for hydration. To create one simply because Skincare Brands Make Eye Creams felt disingenuous. Even the fact that you, beloved customer, asked for one repeatedly, wasn’t enough to sway my cold, miserable heart,” Zoë told customers on the Go-To website.

“But eye serums, those I can get behind. Serums sink into the skin quicker (so they work quicker), and contain potent actives. They’re not messing around. Specifically those with vitamin A. If ya gonna spend big on a teeny product, it had better do something.”

So, does it do something? Is it worth the hype? Can it really iron out those niggling crow’s feet? 

I put it to the test. Here are my first impressions.

What is Go-To De Crease Retinal Eye Serum?

Okay, some introductions are in order first, no? Please say hello to De-Crease — a retinal eye serum that promises to smooth and soften lines around your eyes. Be nice, you guys.

Here’s what it looks like in the box: 

De-Crease Retinal Eye Serum wearing her peachy best.