‘I took weight loss advice from social media and landed in hospital.’

“Understandably, there are many personal, societal, environmental and even financial reasons someone might turn to social media for health advice or information. 

“Accessibility, socio-economic factors including income and education, uncertainty and fear surrounding personal health decisions, and limited access to and knowledge of qualified health professionals — suitable to individual needs — may all pose as barriers to professional support and advice.”

The new platform aims to remove some of these barriers by enabling people to engage with health professionals that can best answer their health and wellbeing-related questions, and provide qualified guidance and advice.

“It’s designed to be affordable and convenient, allowing people to access trusted advice anywhere at any time through micro-consults,” says Ms Svensson. 

For Schnabel, now 42, while the experience was frightening, she also found it enlightening.

“To know that even if a diet or cleanse is touted as healthy that does not mean it is. Now, I will only follow professional advice on these things. Even if it looks and sounds good, consult a qualified professional before doing anything,” she says.

If this story has raised concerns for you, please consult a healthcare professional.

Featured Image: Supplied.

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