‘I style women for a living. Here’s the 5 golden fashion rules I live by.’

Anyone else feeling widely uninspired with their fashion right now? Please tell me it’s not just me.

It’s a feeling many can relate to around this time of year, when familial obligations, the stinking weather and all this season brings leave us a bit depleted.

But fashion is fun. It inspires confidence. And it can be all these things, and still comfortable too, says stylist Emelia Morris. 

“Styling women is the best part of my job. And bringing back personality and enjoyment to their outfits, it’s just the best,” Emelia tells Mamamia

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As for what’s coming in fashion currently, Emelia says Bermuda shorts are trending massively. They’re the shorts that are long and available in denim or linen. Maxi circle skirts are also a summer favourite, as is anything in linen or crochet.

Amid the trends though, there are certain fashion staples that remain. And these staples can make summer dressing a whole lot easier. With this in mind, Emelia shares with Mamamia her five golden fashion rules she lives by, as someone who styles women for a living.

1. Don’t dress to impress. Dress for confidence.

“I feel like sometimes when you’re not given the opportunity to be heard, you can use your clothes as a tool to really express a feeling and communicate something. For example, I’m into really bold colours and I love wearing a bright-colour top or dress. Yes it gets people’s attention, but more than that it sparks a conversation and it shows my personality. It also helps with confidence,” says Emelia.