‘I posted about my fear of turning 40 on Instagram. The response wasn’t what I expected.’

The question, of course, is how do we convince ourselves of our worth? Because when I look through the list of women who told me they, too, don’t feel like they have much to show for their almost 40 years on the planet, I could give each of them a pretty extensive list of all the amazing things I can personally see they have under their very impressive belts.

A colleague I spoke to ahead of writing this story told me she’d felt the same way about turning 40 — but now, five years in, she’s actually loving this decade. All the good stuff about your 30s, she said — like having fewer f**ks to give, not caring as much what people think of you, making your own happiness a priority — is built upon, and life becomes “more intentional”.

Because, you know… you’re running out of time LOL NO, I kid, I kid.

“You’re more aware of the time you have,” she said. “What’s behind you and ahead of you. There’s a shift in focus to the present.”

So, am I excited about turning 40 now? Um, no. You guys, come on. Be serious. But it’s going to happen, and it sounds like, once I’ve jumped over that hurdle, things might be kind of cool on the other side. Even if I don’t feel old enough to be considered a real adult yet.

How do you feel about getting older? Tell us in the comments section below.

Alix Nicholson is Mamamia’s Weekend Editor. For more of her existential ponderings (okay, okay, more like a lot of dog photos), you can follow her on Instagram.

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