‘I need to be inside you.’ 9 women on the text they received that wasn’t meant for their eyes.

I almost vomited. I texted back, demanding to pick him up immediately. Not exactly the way he wanted the night to end but that’s what he gets for drunk sexting.

Jenn, 29

A few years ago, I was a manager at a fast food place, and I texted one of my employees to cover someone’s shift the next morning.

Next thing I know, I get a screenshot of my text, with the caption, “Uggh, f**k off”.

Then immediately, “I’m so sorry that wasn’t meant for you.”

Yep, I realised that.

Elena, 33

I got a text from my best friend one day: “Could Elena post any more pics of her baby?? JFC.”

So, that was awkward. A hard one to come back from.

Preeya, 38

We have a family group chat and one day, we were bickering about something, I don’t even remember, but it involved me, my brother, my sister and parents.

My brother had been absent from the chat for a few minutes, then we got, “Jesus I wish Preeya would STFU she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

I wanted to know who he was sending that to, but he never told me, no matter how much I harassed him about it.

Camilla, 32

The worst not-for-me text I got was this guy from work asking me out.

When I got it, I thought, ‘oh, that’s gross’, because he was a work colleague and I wasn’t interested.

Then a few minutes later he texted, “That wasn’t meant for you”, which made it even worse, because I was relieved… but then also felt a little rejected!

Later, I realised he was probably lying that it wasn’t meant for me, which made the situation even creepier, because at least be an adult about it.