‘I make more being at home’: How much the I’m A Celeb contestants are getting paid.

Pedestrian also revealed that one of the male celebrities on this year’s season of the show is earning $90,000 for a minimum two-week stint in the jungle, with an additional $5,500 per day thereafter.

The publication asked several contestants directly about how much they were paid to appear on the show, with reality star Callum Hole admitting that he was paid “good money” and “a lot more than Love Island“.

Skye Wheatley on the other hand said she couldn’t care less about the money, and that she would earn more if she stayed at home.

“To be honest, I would make more money being at home,” the content creator said.

“I’d do it for free,” she added. “It’s for charity, babes, who gives a f**k about the money. I love that it can be for charity and I love the opportunity. So I’m very grateful.” 

MasterChef Australia alum Khanh Ong said that he had been asked to do I’m A Celebrity “about four times”, but this year he was offered “a considerable amount more” than the first three occasions. 

In previous seasons, some stars, like Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins were paid close to $300,000, while Keri-Anne Kennerley was rumoured to have a salary of $180,000 for her four-day stint in the jungle. 

But the record is still held by the late Shane Warne, who wrote in his memoir No Spin that he was paid $2 million to appear on the show in 2016.

Feature Image: Network Ten.