‘I go out every single night. It has completely transformed my mental health.’

No, not because it was emotionally exhausting (even though it was) but because Sydney went into lockdown. 

The pandemic, as I’m sure you remember, forced people to stay at home alone 24/7 except for “partner bubbles” where if you had a partner who you weren’t living with, you could both travel to and from each other’s places with no policing. 

But that was no help to me. 

Soon after, the government introduced a “singles bubble” for people who lived alone so they could catch up with another person who also lived alone.

But there was no one in my five-kilometre radius. 

Going from being out and about every single night to stuck in my studio apartment 24/7 affected my mental health like crazy. My depression was depress-ering. 

Yes, we were allowed outside to exercise, but you can’t tell a depressed person “Hey, at least you have some playtime.” 

As we eased out of the rules of lockdown, my behaviour went back to “normal”.

I attempted to start my routine of being outside of my home every single night, except now it felt different. 

Being in lockdown made me hate my apartment. So much so that if I had nothing on, I would drive to my parent’s house and just stay there (even if they weren’t there). 

Being stuck in that 42-squares of what was apparently home for so long made me feel sick. 

It also became a struggle going out to the same level as I was before the lockdown. According to what everyone was telling me, the economy was bad? It must be true because all I knew was that I had money and then I didn’t.