‘I can’t stop thinking about the time an influencer family sold a doll version of their own baby.’

So, is the Jace doll really that problematic?

Personal feelings about how creepy I find the idea of buying a hyper-realistic doll based on someone else’s child aside, when you break it down – how problematic is this?

Firstly, we have to acknowledge this reborn doll movement and what it actually means to those who have found great comfort in this trend. For families who have suffered miscarriages, infant loss or those who long to have children, reborn dolls can offer therapeutic benefits while dealing with trauma and pain.

The often misunderstood world of reborns also provides comfort and support to those suffering from dementia. Studies have shown that dementia patients who interact with these lifelike dolls decreased anxiety and improved overall mood.

However, in the case of the Ingham family, it’s hard to reconcile that this child’s likeness has been syndicated for strangers to purchase. 

Many aired concerns that when Jace comes of age, he might take issue with the fact his identity was turned into a commodity without his permission. 

Thankfully, the Jace doll was a limited edition release, and the family decided against doing the same with their next child. 

Feature Image: Instagram/Sarah Ingham/Mary Shortle. 

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