‘I asked MAFS star Lucinda Light to solve 3 relationship dilemmas, and her answers did not disappoint.’

This season of Married At First Sight gave us many gifts: too many cheating scandals to count, ongoing jokes about Jack’s omnipresent nipples, and above all, the gift of Lucinda Light.

From her flowery vocabulary (or Lucinda-isms) to her cheeky humour and banter with experiment partner Timothy Smith, Lucinda became a highlight of the 2024 season.

She departed the experiment at the last Commitment Ceremony which means the show will lack a bit of Lucinda’s magic until her return for the two-part reunion. 

Until then, we’ve chatted with the wonderful woman herself to get her priceless advice on some relationship lessons she’s learned. There’s a reason she’s rumoured to be joining the expert panel (a claim she addressed with us in another interview) because the MC and celebrant is truly a flowing fountain of knowledge. 

Lucinda Light on the key ingredients needed for a healthy relationship:

“A big one that comes to mind is to cherish each other,” she said. “When I say cherish, I mean be really grateful for each other, accept each other, continue to look for the best in each other, support one another, and have each other’s back. 

“I think loyalty and celebration of one another, they’re all really pivotal ingredients to any relationship and I can only speak from my long-standing friendships and family members. That’s one of the pivotal pieces that keeps relationships flourishing.

Lucinda and her newfound bestie, Timothy. Image: Nine.