Hugh Jackman doesn’t know how to be single and we have notes.

Hugh Jackman is on a journey. 

It’s a trek many men have had to navigate before: being single for the first time after a long-term relationship. 

In case you live under a particularly weighty rock, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness announced their plan to divorce back in September 2023. It was the celebrity split that shocked the world as the two were considered one of Hollywood’s strongest couples.

But alas, after 27 years of marriage, Jackman and Furness called it quits.

And now, almost six months on, I’ve got to say that I’ve noticed something a bit odd.

Hugh Jackman’s Instagram activity is rather… random. In fact, it’s become a place of true bemusement for me. I stop by his page almost every day, desperate for the hit of serotonin that his rogue exploits deliver me.

Thankfully for me, the man is posting A LOT, sharing a photo every few days.

A lot of what though, one might wonder. Well… a lot of photos that scream ‘recently divorced man who doesn’t know how to be single’.

For instance, Jackman’s most recent post was simply captioned “Monday”, and honestly the actor seems unsure what to do with his face, contorting into a shape I imagine is ideal for making owl sounds.

???? Image: Instagram/@thehughjackman.