How Sabrina Carpenter went from Disney star to Taylor’s opening act.

So, it’s not quite like it may seem; that she emerged fully formed just a couple of years ago. She has been building her career for a really long time. But, of course, that past success can’t quite compare to her current ‘moment’.

There is, naturally, the Swift effect, and Carpenter has definitely been taken under the wing of the world’s biggest popstar. It’s full-circle too: as a child, the first ever video Carpenter uploaded to YouTube was of herself singing ‘Picture to Burn’ from Swift’s debut album.

They have regularly hung out at awards shows in recent years (and more recently, at football games).

In 2021, Carpenter’s notoriety increased immensely when she was implicated in Olivia Rodrigo’s viral hit ‘drivers license’, about the disorienting feelings of a breakup.

Speculation about the mentioned “blonde girl” Rodrigo’s ex moved on with landed on Carpenter, who had dated Rodrigo’s ex Joshua Bassett (though they never officially confirmed it). This led to a pretty rough time for each of them, as both Bassett and Carpenter have spoken about.

Each also released (unconfirmed) response tracks. Carpenter’s was called ‘Skin’, which includes a direct reference: “Maybe you didn’t mean it / Maybe blonde was the only rhyme” she sings.

In 2022, Carpenter released for fifth album, Emails I Can’t Send. Among the track list is a song called ‘Because I Liked a Boy’, about the toll of being trolled and slut-shamed took on her, all ‘because she liked a boy’.

“Now I’m a home wrecker, I’m a slut / I got death threats filling up semi-trucks,” she sings in the chorus.

As well as regularly hanging with Swift at awards shows (and football games), Carpenter has become a bit of a Gen Z it-girl, with magazine covers and many a fashion moment.