HOLLY WAINWRIGHT: The things I love enough to buy my best mate for Christmas.

It’s cool to say you don’t want presents, thanks. Especially now, when there’s really not a lot of extra money floating around any of our lives. Also, us grown-ups give Christmas over to their children. “Just buy for the kids,” we say. “I don’t need anything.” 

No, maybe you don’t, but there are plenty of women in my life who DESERVE something. And there might be one in yours who does, too. Maybe she’s running about getting everyone else a present and on the big morning she’ll be standing back with a cup of tea, pretending it’s cool that there’s nothing wrapped up for her. IT’s NOT.

So, if there are any dollars in the budget for an extra-ace friend in your life, here are a few suggestions for things she’d love to get. Because, let’s face it, I would.

Speaking of Christmas and therefore… holidays… watch the horoscopes at the airport. Post continues below.

A really fancy moisturiser.

Skincare is a bit of a weird present. It could be construed as pass-ag: “Here, have you thought about doing anything with your hyper-pigmentation for Christmas?” But personally, I love bougie skincare, and I can’t always afford it, and nor can you. So if you are in a place to splurge for your friend, or if there’s a gift voucher in your life that needs using up (oh, the joy!) a really luxe moisturiser is a good choice.