HOLLY WAINWRIGHT: Harry and Meghan’s year of revenge is coming to a righteous end.

Some of these stories might seem petty, a price to pay for extreme privilege, but growing up under a constant anxious cloud of mistrust has messed with Harry’s head, something he freely admits, and ruined countless relationships. And he’s not letting it go. 

The fury Harry feels at this arm of the press radiates from him whenever it’s discussed. Holding them to account has been his real purpose ever since he opted out of the system – and the country – and now it’s winning him respect and support from others. 

Hugh Grant, who has also sued newspapers over this, donating the profits to anti-hacking group Hacked Off, has said about Harry: “I think as a man, it’s his job to protect his family, so I’m with him.”

And now Steve Coogan, another British actor who’s also been at war with the tabloids, says he thinks Harry’s victory is only the beginning of something bigger.

“What this shows is the contempt that newspaper editors had for a judge-led public inquiry,” he told the BBC about the Harry verdict. “Now we’ve got prima facia evidence of crimes having been committed, perjury being one of the most serious.

“The police need to apply the law evenly and fairly, without fear or favour. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed.”

What he means is, this is a civil case, and it needs to move back to a criminal court. 

Certainly Harry agrees, considering this a beginning, rather than an end. “The mission continues,” he said in his statement.

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