Here’s what your Christmas tree says about you.

Lots of tinsel.

One look on the Mamamia Facebook page and you’ll know that people have A LOT of feels about tinsel. Most of them negative. 

Most people will tell you that tinsel is the devil, or it gives them the ‘ick’, which feels unfair. 

In any case, you firmly believe nothing yells Christmas like long strips of colourful decorative material shoved throughout every spare branch of your artificial Christmas tree.

You love the simpler things in life and your favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone. 

Fake snow.

If you have fake snow on your tree or you’re quite partial to a hefty sprinkling of snow-related decorations, you’ve never experienced a white Christmas. 

In fact, you’ve never actually spent Christmas in any other climate other than that of a scorching hot summer’s day in Australia. Not once. 

You’re a dreamer and you live vicariously through your festive decorations. 

A wooden tree.

If you’re a person with a wooden Christmas tree, you love minimalism and organisation.

You probably got your wooden tree from a very expensive homewares store and you’re definitely very confident and also very cool. 

You won’t go too hard on the colour or decorations front (because of the hating clutter thing) and if a child even thinks about putting a decoration in the wrong spot, you’ll swiftly remove it the moment they leave the room. 

Homemade ornaments.

Specifically, of the kindergarten to year four variety.