Here are the lowest-rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes that are so bad they’re good.

You’ll want to seek out the American version for a bad, but fun, time. The French film this is based on is just good good, and its Wikipedia entry sums up the American remake as “a critical and commercial failure”.

But don’t let that stop you! Miley Cyrus plays a school-aged girl who got cheated on over the summer, only to realise she likes her best guy friend anyway. He is a misunderstood musician, of course, who plays in a band called No Shampoo. No word of a lie. 

Anywho, he loves music, his parents don’t support him, they all go on a school trip to Paris and various misunderstandings happen because teenagers are terrible at miscommunication.

It’s basically every terrible teen drama, but with Demi Moore as Miley Cyrus’ mum and the River Seine.

Batman & Robin –  11 per cent.

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