Heartbreak High gave the Nutbush the glory it deserves. The rest of the world is still baffled.

I’m not a particularly patriotic person. 

But a scene in season two of Heartbreak High legit brought a tear to my eye. The moment came at the school formal in episode eight, as a familiar guitar riff blared from the speakers, the Gen Z’ers rushed to the dance floor and something special began.

It is, of course, time for the Nutbush. 

This song was written and recorded by the late American music icon, Tina Tuner, yet for some mysterious reason has become Australia’s unofficial anthem.

Tina’s ‘Nutbush City Limits’ is played at every school dance, deb ball, wedding, Christmas party, or basically, any time a group of Aussies congregates on a dance floor. 

At long last, Nutbushers are now represented in the mainstream on Netflix’s Heartbreak High, a wildly popular teen series viewed around the world. I must say, the patriotism leaped from my body watching a bunch of cool teens do the daggiest of dances. 

And already, the Australian pride from this moment is FOR REAL.