From Married At First Sight to My Kitchen Rules, we asked reality TV producers to confess what really goes on behind the scenes.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t use certain traits to their advantage.

“Look if they’re too stable they won’t make for interesting TV. At the end of the day, we need to pick characters, big personalities and people that would do anything to win. Of course, we love the nice, wholesome contestants too, but if a reality show was filled with nice people, it would not last long on air,” 

It’s true. Producers do have control over the storyline.

Producers will do whatever it takes to make good TV.

“Short answer: Yes, producers influence storylines. At the end of the day, producers are tasked with making a TV show with so many episodes, so it has to be interesting.”

But they don’t make things up out of thin air.

“Creating storylines is a strong word. I’d say more encouraged. We’d pick up on things because our in-ear monitors pick up absolutely everything being said by anyone with a microphone. So, we’d hear little tidbits and put them in our back pockets to use when we needed to. In my experience, producers didn’t need to create the drama, if we lied we could be called out. But we definitely used things to our advantage.”

Despite having seen it all, there are still some behaviours that shock them.

Dealing with divas is all part of the job.

“One contestant behaved like an absolute child. They refused to get out of bed and participate in some promotional photoshoots they were contractually obligated to do.”

And sadly, not everyone knows how to treat people with respect.

“One judge from a reality cooking show, not pointing fingers but they travel around the country eating food, was so awful to every single person around him. I’ve never understood how one judge could be so welcoming and kind, while the other, so awful.”

Feature Image: Nine.